We’ve been pumping out Twitter and IG posts left and right, hollering about speculative fiction all over the place! At Lemons & Gold Publishing, we are in the business of publishing stories by Black authors who write speculative fiction. We have been saying that over and over and over and we know that some of you might be wondering:

Well, just what is speculative fiction?

We’re glad you asked!

Speculative fiction is a giant umbrella for all of the magical genres and sub-genres, including science-fiction, fantasy fiction (think Game of Thrones), magical realism, or fiction that involves elements that don’t exist in the mundane, real world. 

Magical realism is something that can be utilized mainly in a contemporary story, (but can be used in almost any genre), in which the setting is in the real world, but the characters experience something unconventional or otherworldly.

So, if you write about dragons and castles, or aliens and spaceships, or even about characters manifesting things or prayers being answered (also considered to be magical realism) these types of elements make up the genre of speculative fiction.

You can also have elements of speculative fiction and mix them with other genres, such as romance, contemporary, mystery, etc. We publish all of these kinds of stories (just please hold off on the horror until further notice! We promise to let you know when we’re ready!).

Speaking of publishing, stop by our submissions page for guidelines for having your story published by us. We are accepting flash fiction, short stories, novellas, and novels. There are word count requirements for each format. Flash fiction and short stories will be published in our new online literary magazine, Black Galaxy. Short stories will also be distributed to our retailers.


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