Scribe is the most serious piece of fiction I have ever written! It took me 4 years (let’s not forget that this was also my thesis project for grad school!) to complete this novel because I wanted the story to turn out just as I pictured it in my head, and it had to be right. The book is undergoing multiple editing sessions to make sure that it arrives on your e-reader, or at your door, piping hot with action, drama, and magic.

I grew up in Orlando and the scenes are primarily based in the areas that I grew up in or frequented throughout my life, so if you’re an Orlando native, you’ll recognize different locations in the book!

Scribe has gone through several peer reviews with great feedback regarding the story’s feel and the dialogue’s fluidity. I speak fluent AAVE and this is one story that I had to write authentically. After all of the feedback and helpful criticisms that I have received throughout the years, I know for a fact you’ll enjoy it!

Here is the synopsis for the story, I have removed as many spoilers as I can:

Scribe is a compellingly magical story about a determined young man growing up in the inner-city streets of Orlando. We follow Demetri Joseph (Meechi), through three different phases of his life as he discovers and utilizes his talent and gift as a writer to find his way out of poverty, an abusive relationship with his mother, and into a life of prosperity and love. Meechi learns to be careful about what he asks for because sometimes loss is necessary to win, and sometimes instant gratification isn’t worth it.

Scribe is filled with lovable and relatable characters, like Meechi’s best friend, Trent, who faces challenges with his mental illness, and is a visionary who convinces Meechi to use his magical writing gift. We also meet the charmingly witty and wise Miss Viv, an elderly woman who is a retired school teacher and respected in her community, guides Meechi on his path to success.

Meechi continues to learn about himself, others, and the balance of duality between light and dark as he becomes a grown man. He realizes that a lot of things that the future holds have a lot to do with making peace with the past. The journey to success simultaneously comes with joy and turmoil, be careful what you ask for.

Scribe will be released on Thanksgiving Day, November 24, 2022!

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