Meechi is suffocating in a toxic environment, living in the dangerous Parramore District of inner-city Orlando and he’s trying, at 19 years old, to figure out how to get out of it. His mom is abusive and opportunistic, taking all of the money he makes working at the corner store for bills and drugs while in turn abusing him physically & mentally and his childhood friends are dying from gun violence.

His best friend, Trent, is constantly reminding him that he has the power of the pen, that he can write his way out of his misery, but Meechi initially brushes it off as just one of Trent’s schizophrenic delusions until one night as he sits at his laptop, things change completely at the blink of a cursor.

Scribe is written in three parts that follow Meechi on his journey from boy to manhood as he gradually enhances his ability to write the life that he wants for himself into existence. This comes with many twists, turns, and unexpected circumstances causing Meechi to lose himself and find himself all over again.

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