And now we’re back…from outer space! If you’ve been wondering if things have changed,  you’re absolutely right! We decided to change things up a bit to match our publishing brand.

Lemons & Gold started out as just a writing blog that was supposed to be quirky and fun, but now we are a publishing house with a mission, so we had to look the part. How do you like our promotional video? It shows a little bit of everything that we have to offer you as a small publishing house.

Still shot of the video intro on our homepage…we’re really proud of it, lol!

What’s New?

We’ve updated quite a few things on our publishing website! Now, instead of chasing down the links to find our books, we have made our website a little bit more user-friendly. You can choose to purchase the e-book or the paperback versions of our books right from our homepage! We are working on having the ability to sell our books directly from our website next year. Please be sure to leave our authors a review of their stories, especially if you liked them!

We also updated our donation page where you can make a donation of any amount that you would like to contribute to help fund our authors’ goals, and our duty to help them as their publishing house. All proceeds go directly to funding our website, providing reasonable author advances, money to provide our authors with funds for book signings, and funding for us to be present at book conventions to show we mean business when it comes to promoting Black, speculative writers. 

Your donation will also help fund our writing courses online and in-person, help us to keep inventory on hand of our printed books and merchandise, and will also help our part of the literary community in a major way as we continue to amplify the voices of Black writers everywhere. So, make sure you donate to this great cause before you leave our website today. We thoroughly appreciate any help that we can get. Donors of $100 or more will be listed on our donation page (and may also include an exclusive perk…hint, hint!) All donations go directly to our business Square account.

Our new discussion board! Come on in!

Besides our donation page, have you seen our sparkly new Book CLub and discussion board? We just put it up a few days ago and we think it’s gonna turn out to be a lot of fun! Within the discussion board there’s the Book Club that’s only $5 per year, and what we’ll be doing there is meeting up every 3 months for book discussions. The selector must choose a book they enjoyed reading and select it for the group to read and then we meet back up in 3 months to share what we thought about it. The selector gets to choose someone else to pick the next book, and then we come back in another 3 months. This Book Club comes with perks, such as raffle prizes, gift cards, free books, free merch, and a lot more which is why it’s a $5 fee 🙂

Also in the discussion board is a secret group for those who have paid for the Fantastical Fiction for Beginners writing course with Khàli LaBré where you can present any questions you have about the course, constructive feedback, or just connect and make new friends!

Everything else in the discussion board is free! So let’s connect and talk about all things reading and writing! You say you haven’t heard about the Fantastical Fiction writing course? Stay tuned for the next post!