Questions & Answers About Scribe

Khali LaBre breaks down for us the origin of the characters and the story of Scribe: A Novel. Here are some questions and answers she gives us about the novel. Where did you get the inspiration for Scribe? Scribe came to me back in 2018 while writing a short story in the Creative Writing class […]

Why Join The Squeeze Team?

Do you love books? Do you love books by Black authors? Do you love to get free books, see new books before everyone else, and get cool stuff in the mail? Then it sounds like you need to join The Squeeze Team on Patreon! We’re just getting started, but we have a lot waiting for […]

A Lemons & Gold Publishing Original: The Visionary Chronicles

If you’ve been following us on Twitter or Instagram (mainly Twitter), you have seen us promoting and continuously circulating posts about The Visionary Chronicles. Currently, the series has 2 books out, but we plan to publish the third, and last book of this series this Summer. The books that are currently out are: Dreams of […]