“Just Believe…”

“My dear, you should always believe. Always believe, with your beloved heart of hearts, that anything is possible! Never say that you cannot believe. Promise me that, daughter.”

It is the year 5130 C.E., Akasha finds herself ruling over the mighty city of Shujaa, in the country of Jakar, over 3,000 years after the Day of Settlement. The human race is recuperating and is left scraping up the pieces of past technologies, cultures, and philosophies. Many of the historic forms have vanished without a trace, and few cities are able to provide the contents of detailed research to resuscitate them. The world has been in a state of peace for over a decade due to the need to rebuild; yet, an evil queen of the South has decided to challenge the mighty queen by targeting her sister city, Adi, but will Akasha and her army conquer evil forever? Submerge yourself into the adventurous world of the mighty and fearless queens of the Jurisdiction, as they rely on their intuition and faith to guide their queendoms into deliverance, and destroy the ugly face of an evil soul.

Grab The Ebook From These Retailers

Grab the Ebook from These Retailers

Jump into the adventure as Queen Akasha leads her mighty army into battle against the evils that lurk in the city of Mayaba. Fighting under the dark sky of the beautiful yet depraved city of Mayaba, the Court of the Capital must grapple with the blows from the nameless Queen, along with fighting for their mental victories, and revelations of deep secrets that reveal a connection between the queendoms of the entire Jurisdiction. When Queen Akasha sends her army into the eerily illuminated, porcelain white castle, she finds that her Arch Warrioress, Zaza, has had her heart, an unlikely lover, trapped within the castle for too long. Perhaps this is the way for Akasha to find the despicable Queen’s soft spot in order to win the battle.

There’s something about the Queen of Mayaba that irritates the soul of the Capitol Queen of Shujaa, maybe now she can figure it out.

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  Berthas is a novel exploring the Black British Caribbean Identity of Black British Caribbean Women and the notion of ‘blackness.’  Set in both the UK and the West Indies, Berthas explores the issues of hybridity, diaspora, and duality; following four women over four generations. The imagery presented is vivid and the language is lyrical. This emotive tale begins with the death of a matriarch and ends in the birth of her granddaughter.

Berthas is written in a lyrical style much like Toni Morrison’s Jazz (1992), Beloved (1987) as well as Sam Selvon’s Lonely Londoners (1956). Like these novels, Berthas has a distinct but modern style that deliberately links with these lyrical novels. And like the characters and people it represents, the structure of this novel is of a hybrid nature.

Berthas rests within the oral tradition of the Caribbean as well as incorporating the traditional superstitious beliefs that survived African Slavery, combined/compared with the religious Christian beliefs of the West, and is very much set in the modern world. The language is also reflective of the hybridity of the people, combining English with Patois in order to create a new language for a new people.

The structure combines different voices, exploring Double Consciousness through Dissociative Identity Disorder, and the hybridity of culture and experience through Revisionist Literature. These voices overlap at times, creating a sense of confusion which is reflective of the theorised collective sense of cultural confusion of being Black Caribbean British. Berthas also examines the internal voice much like Bessie Heads, A Question of Power (1973). 

Coming Soon! Spring 2022!


Scribe: A Novel

Scribe is a compelling story about a determined young man growing up in the inner-city streets of Orlando. We follow the protagonist, Demetri Joseph (Meechi), through three different phases of his life as he discovers and utilizes his talent and gift as a writer to find his way out of poverty, an abusive relationship with his mother, and into a life of prosperity and love. Meechi learns to be careful about what he asks for because sometimes loss is necessary to win, and sometimes instant gratification isn’t worth it.

Scribe is filled with lovable and relatable characters, including Meechi’s best friend, Trent, who despite his challenges with mental illness, is a visionary that tries to convince Meechi of his writing gift, and the charmingly witty and wise Miss Viv, an elderly woman who is a retired school teacher and respected in her community, guides Meechi on his path to success.

Meechi continues learning about himself and others as he becomes a grown man. He realizes that a lot of things that the future holds have a lot to do with making peace with the past. The journey to success simultaneously comes with joy and turmoil.