You know Cheryl, right? Yeah, Dr. Cheryl Diane Parkinson…that’s right!

Well, she’s an amazing writer and her prose is like no other with her uncanny ability to switch between the Queen’s English and Jamaican Patois and to throw plot twists at you that will punch you in the gut.

After the successful launch of her psychologically thrilling book, Berthas, with Lemons & Gold Publishing LLC, we decided to give her book a new book cover that we believed fit the vibe of the story perfectly. Although, we’ve had some say that they liked the original book cover just as much.

original blue cover

Which cover do you like the best? The new, bright cover with a representation on the cover, or the original blue cover illustrating the four generations of women?

FYI the blue cover is available in paperback for a limited time only. January 31, 2023 will be the last day that it will be in print, so be quick and snatch it up fast!

new cream cover with Saly staring into space