I write to entertain.

-Khàli LaBré

Khàli LaBré, author of Dreams of Akasha: The Visionary Chronicles is the self-proclaimed “Queen of the I-4 corridor” which runs from the east to the west coasts of her native State of Florida. She is from both Tampa and Orlando and is an animal- and food-loving free spirit who is passionate about incorporating all of her cultures into her work and demanding the preservation of the true African-American Vernacular English. She writes in the genres of Contemporary, Speculative, and Sci-Fi.

She’s had a love for writing and storytelling since kindergarten, where she’d even put together her own little stories (with horribly drawn illustrations) and share them with her class at just 5 years old. Her childhood memories are bittersweet, and she used her love of reading, writing, and storytelling to escape hard and scary times as a child, all the way up into her adulthood; writing is her therapy. She was one of the top 5 spellers in her middle school and won essay and poetry contests in elementary and high school.

Khàli LaBré is an alumnus of the University of South Florida where she graduated with her Bachelor’s of Arts in English with a concentration in Professional Writing, Rhetoric & Technology with the skills of copywriting, business writing, rhetorical analysis within writing, art, and media, as well as grant writing, and knowledge of the sciences. She is currently studying to complete her Master’s of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University and plans to graduate in 2022. She’s gifted in many areas besides writing, she’s part of the Thespian Honor Society and is musically-dramatic, as she also loves to sing and dance, was a part of the Green Machine Marching Band at Maynard Evans High School, her alma mater (The Pride of Pine Hills) in which she played the clarinet.

Khàli LaBré is also a Bipolar Warrior. She has been determined to not allow her illness, despite its severity, to keep her down, and is currently in the works to revive her non-profit organization that will serve as a lamp to the roadways of others who are also fighting and surviving mental illnesses. She continues to educate people as much as she can about what it means to have Bipolar Disorder as well as other illnesses that are stigmatized and denied.

She will always be a proud Floridian, yet her heart is now in Nigeria where her loving overwhelmingly supportive fiance, Kingsley, currently resides. 

“I don’t call myself disabled. I’ve done so much with this illness, things that so many people told me that I couldn’t do…even doctors, and I will do a lot more. I have a limitation, I have my limits, but that doesn’t mean my dreams won’t be accomplished. I just have to put a twist to it…that’s all.”

-Khàli LaBré

Her aim as a Literary Citizen is to make space at the table for Southern Black voices, and to write stories and books for those voices, as well as to normalize Black culture (names, AAVE, and experiences) in the literary community. 

Beyond being an author, Khàli is also an ESL Teacher and has a long work history in High-End and Low-End Retail, Customer Care, and Health Insurance. She loves food, traveling, low-fi music, uplifting and cheerleading anyone she comes across, and all things mystical and artsy. She/Her are her pronouns and she prefers to be referred to as neurodivergent over “mentally ill”.

Her debut novel, Dreams of Akasha: The Visionary Chronicles is available on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Kobo, and Lulu as well as in the ePULP section of the Orange County Public Library System in her hometown of Orlando, Florida, and it is all about going against the grain when everyone has doubted you, even yourself. 

Her upcoming novel, Scribe, will take place in the areas of Orlando that she grew up in, and is expected to be somewhat controversial and breathtaking, putting you on the very edge of your seat.

She is now the owner of this small press, Lemons & Gold Publishing.

**Disclaimer: About 95% of my blog is fictitious. All names used in my stories are fictitious, and any coincidences between a real-life person or entity and the flash fiction shared on my blog are just that, fiction.