Don’t you hate when you know you should be writing, but you just can’t think of anything to write? Maybe you have an essay to write for class? Or, you have a novel to finish? A presentation or speech to give? There are many articles out there about this topic, but you came to Lemons & Gold for this information, so it’s gonna come with a little added flavor as a token of my appreciation for you stopping by! Now let’s get down to business!

Khàli’s 5 Ways to Get Rid of Writer’s Block:

Sleep: I find that anytime I feel like I have a mental blockage of some sort, it’s because I’m exhausted. Making sure you are well-rested and getting enough sleep every night is a sure-fire way to help clear up any writer’s block you may have. Getting enough sleep means different things to different people whether you’re nocturnal or an early bird, so be sure to get all of the sleep that you need so that you can get back to bustin’ out those words!

2. Listen to Music: Have you ever listened to one of your favorite songs and you suddenly felt like you were in a movie or a music video? Listening to music can help you develop scenes that you can write about. When it comes to writing fiction, my secret is to listen to film scores (the music that plays in a movie), because it helps me visualize my story as if it were a movie, which makes it so much easier to write. So, try listening to music everywhere you go by finding a nice people-watching spot, or a spot where you can be surrounded by beautiful trees and animals, listen to some music and view real life as a movie.

I’ve been doing this for years and it always helps me develop scenes for a story.

3. Do Things That are Relaxing: Take a break! Many articles that offer tips about how to get rid of writer’s block push the “writers must write every day” mantra; but, if you already can’t write at the moment, how are you gonna…write, Batman? For the sake of your mental wellbeing, please take breaks when you feel too overwhelmed about writing. Go on walks, enjoy the company of loved ones, or pick up new hobbies (like plants!). This will allow your brain to “let go” and all of the creative thoughts that you needed to come to you will suddenly come rushing in. So, you definitely want to keep a notebook handy in this case!

4. Flash Fiction: this will always be recommended by me! Once you have taken your break, you’ve caught up on your sleep, and you’ve taken time to explore a new hobby or to relax, now is the time for you to sit on your butt and write. Flash fiction is great because you don’t have to sit and feel a need to force yourself to sit and write enough in a week to come up with an entire novel or short story. Flash fiction can mean 200 words, 7 words, or 1200 words. It’s also a great way to challenge yourself to create a character arc before the story ends. Writing flash fiction is bound to make you want to write, even more, the more that you do it. So, give it a shot!

5. Set Up a Schedule: Pick designated days and times when you know for a fact that you won’t be distracted so easily. If you know the house is quieter in the mornings, then try to get up early enough, eat a lil breakfast, have some coffee, and get to work. Having a set time to write is helpful for writers who blog *ahem*, writers who are trying to catch up on their word count for a novel *ahem-hem*, and for writers who do other types of writing for a living. Make sure you stick to your schedule regularly, this way if you are working on a large writing project, you can see your progress over time, and it’ll be done before you know it!

I hope that you find these tips to be helpful! Have you ever tried any of these tips before? Do you have any other ways of getting rid of writer’s block? Share your tips in the comments below!

Also, check out the book below that I am currently using in Grad School for more writing tips!

Happy Scribbling!

Khali <3